Foust || Wedding

I say this often, but I really do have some of the best clients. I love that when I start talking to a bride (and groom too) when planning their engagement session & their wedding day, everything just clicks. The thoughts, the itinerary, all of us, just everything. That's the way it was with Michelle (Poo) and Michael. 

The two of them met me for their downtown engagement session earlier in the year. While shooting the session, we talked about the wedding & what they would like images to look like from there. Michael's words "I don't do country." Michelle's words "Greenery, lots of greenery". That's two totally different ends of the rainbow there, but we knew we would make it work.

We shot Michelle's bridal portraits a couple weeks before the wedding at White Haven in Paducah. I don't think us girls have laughed so much at one time!

I met Michelle & her girls at Trinity Holiness church for the wedding prep, and later on the wedding ceremony, along with the reception. It was hot. Just plain Kentucky muggy hot, but that didn't keep the two of them from enjoying just a short little while outside for their first look, bridal portraits & bridal party portraits.

The family worked relentlessly to decorate the church along with the gym for the wedding and the reception. I loved the amount of space that the reception hall allowed for everyone in attendance. 

These two are lovebirds from the start. Scroll through to see their big day unfold.