Tatum || A Cattle Farm Family

Rebekah & I have been friends for as long as I can remember. To think about it, I am really not all that sure how we met, other than it had something to do with both of us working for the county papers. Eventually we worked together for a little bit, then both went on different career paths. We have stayed in touch, lately bonding over weight loss & achievement texts each day!  Linz will be going off to college in a few weeks, so we talked about a session before she left, not only because they haven't had family pictures since Lindsey was like four! (I know so many people like this!! Don't wait!!),  but also because Rebekah & Linz have both changed so much in the last six months to a year, that we needed to document this time in their lives! I spent the evening with them out on their cattle farm in Ballard. We had more laughs than we did pictures, & let me tell you that's ALOT of laughs! Shaun wanted to include not only his human girls, but his other "girls" too, so exploring in the cow pasture it was! I seriously cannot pick a favorite from this session!