Changes At Kendra Hays Photography!

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.
— Henry Ford

Well Henry, you are correct! The first blog post of 2018 is coming to you, in March! (I know, I know!) But things have been crazy busy around here for the first 58 days of 2018! I debated about how I wanted to do this blog post, for a little while. I think I have typed it all up & erased it, at LEAST ten times! So I am going with, whatever I end up with this time is sticking! (EEEK!)

Change is good! Change is great! For someone who doesn't like change very much, or wants to do things her way, & how she is comfortable with, those two sentences are a little hard to say! BUT, a goal for 2018 is to be more joyful & well in order to do that, change is necessary! With the last year being so amazing & with wonderful clients who have pushed me to be better than I was the day before, I am happy to say I am even more prepared to serve my clients!!!

YES! You are seeing things right! That right there is an indoor studio! WHAT!?! My parents, husband & I have been working on this little gem for a couple weeks now & I couldn't be more proud! The variety of shoots available just expanded to a whole new level!

The Easter minis that you have been seeing advertised are going to be in here, as well as all the mini sessions with indoor set ups to come! There are several different settings outside to be able to shoot at! (Well, once this nasty, rainy weather departs us!) I can't wait to share this space with my amazing clients!